Saturday, November 13, 2010

George Foster (#120)

This was a card show purchase. George Foster was in Toronto a few years ago for a celebrity dinner, and baseball game the next day. I attended the game the next day, and I ended up missing Foster who had to catch an early flight. The dealer assured me this card was signed at the dinner the night before. George Foster doesn't seem to be on the "circuit" that much, and I haven't seen much through the mail success from him, so I'm hoping it's legit.
George Foster hit for a .274 batting average, with 348 HRs, 1,239 RBIs, 1,925 hits and 986 runs scored in 1,977 games played. In 1977, Foster hit 52 home runs, making him the only major league player to belt 50 or more homers in a single season during a 25-year period (between Willie Mays with 52 in 1965 and Cecil Fielder with 51 in 1990).

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