Saturday, January 29, 2011

Pat Zachry (#201)

Received this card signed by mail. In his rookie season in 1976, he posted a 14-7 record, a 2.74 ERA and 143 strikeouts. He was the co-winner of the Rookie of the Year in 1976.

Pat pitched quite well in the post-season as well, starting and winning game two of the 1976 National League Championship Series against the Phillies, and in the 1976 World Series, he started and won game three at Yankee Stadium, helping the "Big Red Machine" become the only team to ever sweep the entire post-season en route to winning their second consecutive world championship.

His career wound up in 1985 as a reliever for Philadelphia, and was cut in June of that year. Pat later ended up pitching in the Senior Professional Baseball league.
His stats for his MLB career are 69-67, 3.52 ERA and 669 strikeouts and was an All-Star in 1978.


  1. Lots of good information on this blog...I added to my links at it out as I do have some O-Pee-Chee stuff on there from time to time.

  2. Thanks for following. I'm also working on the 78 OPC set as well. I haven't too much out lately, but hopefully when I get some more US stamps I will.

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